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Grew up in an African family, being the first generation born in America she is rich of African culture. Growing up music of all kinds filled her home, she was a HUGE FAN of musicals. She picked up musicality naturally as she grew into her teen years and joined the high school dance team, where she worked a little harder than the rest of her teammates who all previous training. She than took her love of dancing,singing, and the ability to make people laugh to the stage as she got her first acting role in a play called The Dining Room. She quickly realized her love for theater and tried out for as many plays and musicals as possible including her favorite musical of all The Sound of Music!!! She enjoyed various activities at Kelly Walsh high school such as choir, drama class, dancing, and cheerleading. A Casper native for almost 15 years now is still hopeful that some day of taking her talents on the road to share with the world. Now a wife and mother of four girls, she's learning how to raise little princesses of her own. Her love of Disney is easy to pass on to her girls because her husband is just as big a fanatic as her

Casper native Nick Perkins has been involved in the arts for as long as he can remember. He's had roles in numerous local productions, including playing Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, the crazy professor in The Man Who Came To Dinner and the titular character in The Wizard of Oz. He also dabbles in stand up comedy and can be seen more often than not hosting Dinner With A Laugh every month at The Wonder Bar. Nick has a passion for telling stories, whether it's through the written word, the spoken word, photography, food or acting. He has written for multiple publications, including MTV, but he believes his greatest achievement is letting kids know that a hero can be anyone and that you don't need a cape to change someone's life.

Heather has an Associates Degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Early Childhood from Casper College. She is continuing her education at the University of Wyoming through Casper College with the goal of teaching full time in her own classroom. While going to school, she works at the Casper Children's Theatre. She loves seeing how theatre can change a child's life and sharing in the joys of singing and dancing. Her love of Disney and children has brought her to the Dream Upon A Princess team and she couldn't be happier!